The main function of APK Logistics is to advance with SOC containers. Handles complex, integrated operations from factory to basement, handling heavy haulage, cranage and customs, Indian shores and ships and containers from any part of the world.

The company also has a team of accredited survey firms that provide accounting and oversight services to avoid claims and disputes.

Our liner agency services include: standardized reporting systems and instant communication with modern systems, liaison management with shipping and freight forwarders, coordination with port and customs officers, super cargo service, Clearing and Delivery of ship spare parts, Bunker Services, Crew Change Arrangements, Vendor Management, Ship Handling Assistance.

SOC Liner Service


We are committed to providing you with reliable and reliable freight forwarding services, and we strive to maintain long-term valuable relationships.


APK Logistics
Our branches located in Tamilnadu
  • Chennai
  • Tuticorin
  • Coimbatore
  • Visakhapatnam


APK Logistics
We Serve
  • United States
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • Far East


APK Logistics
We Offer
  • Freight Forwarding / Booking
  • Logistics Link, Inland Transportation
  • SOC Liner Service, LCL Console
  • Container Trading and Leasing Service

APK Logistics

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