We have a well-established global freight and trade network that provides a single source solution for managing and transporting goods. With a comprehensive team of experts overseeing operations, APK Logistics offers the best-suited solutions with its unparalleled access to a vast agent network of aircraft, sea, rail or road transport facilities. All of this gives its customers quick and wide access to key global markets.

Moreover, with the large volumes it handles, it can also offer more competitive freight rates to customers across multiple locations.

Our personal sales proposals:

  • Single Negotiable Documents
  • Door to Door Service
  • Ability to provide customized solutions based on individual customer needs
  • Range of services that cover every aspect of supply chain solution
  • Wide international network of partners to expedite cargo movement
  • Excellent relationships with shipping lines to achieve priority shipping
  • Documentation Support System
  • Shipping, Warehousing, Project Forwarding
Freight Forwarding

Air Freight Services

We provide the highest quality cargo delivery services in the most professional and realistic manner, meeting all air cargo needs worldwide, from small to large cargo, to all your global shipping needs.

Sea Freight Services

APK Logistics has a wide range of interests in sea freight forwarding services. Shipping is considered the best way to transfer cargo.


Domestic Shipments

APK Logistics offers domestic shipments to various destinations across India. Products are delivered in the most efficient manner with proper maintenance.


Multimodal Transportation Services

Multimodal transportation or transshipment service is provided by APK Logistics, resulting in the use of the strength of each alternative in an integrated transport chain.


Freight Consolidation Services

Freight Consolidation services are the least expensive way to carry small quantities of goods. By grouping your shipment with others to fill a standard container, you can avoid the cost of shipping an entire container on your own.


We are committed to providing you with reliable and reliable freight forwarding services, and we strive to maintain long-term valuable relationships.


APK Logistics
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APK Logistics
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APK Logistics
We Offer
  • Freight Forwarding / Booking
  • Logistics Link, Inland Transportation
  • SOC Liner Service, LCL Console
  • Container Trading and Leasing Service

APK Logistics

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